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International Actionday 14th of November

mardi 23 octobre 2012
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What´s going on at the 14th of November ? There is a call for a General Strike in several countries and the security services gave a foretaste in the last weeks what they think about it. The radical left in Europe has only one month left to consider something how to operate in this day also in the countries where no general strike takes place.

The European Federation of Trade Unions calls for the 14th of Noveber for a day of solidarity and action

The unions in Portugal, Spain and Greece announce now a general strike for this day. There is also a discussion in Italy, France and Belgium about strikes. At the 15th of September thousands of people protested against the reduction policy of the portuguese government. The police protected the parliament in Lisbon. Stones where thrown and there were arrests.

On the 29th of September also the protesters in Madrid had enough after they were beaten up for several days at peaceful protests in front of the Congreso . They fought back against the feared intervention units of the Policia Nacional.

In the middle of October there were studentprotests in various italian cities, like here at 13/10 in Venice.

At the 12th of October there were clashes in Bilbao between antifascists and the basque police, who protected a nazidemonstration.

On the 18th of October the well known image of Athens. The police protects the parliament from an outraged crowd and the general strike ended one time again with teargas.

In Europe the people have enough of the politics of the oppressors, the resistance is formating itself regardless about identities. When at the 14th of November striking workers and employees, pensioners,students and autonomous in Lisbon, Madrid and Athens will march in front of the parliaments of their so called democracys, there will be injuries and arrests. We shouldn´t leave the people there alone but show them that also in the countries wich are the winners of the crisis the policy of the EU has enemies. Because of this we want to take the call of the European Federation of Trade Unions literally.

About the role of the unions and the sense of strikes also others have made up some thoughts :

Broader mobilization on facebook :

We call out everyone to hand over their anger to the responsibles for all this misery. Let us go together into action against all european police forces on N14 !

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